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Friday, April 23, 2010

British Cuisine - Fish 'n' Chips

Ok, so it's the stereotypical dish all people mention when they think about food in the UK. Students often say it with a look of disgust on their face and a tone of sarcasm in their voices as if to imply that it isn't really food. And while it is true that fish 'n' chips are quintessentially British, that does not mean to say that it is not a good dish.
Although fish 'n' chips can be ordered in most pubs from the lunch menu, and there are world -famous fish and chip restaurants such as Harry Ramsden's, this meal originated in the UK as a take-away food some time in the late 1850s. And, I personally believe the best way to enjoy fish and chips is at the seaside sitting on or by the beach. Great places to eat fish 'n' chips are Whitby or Scarborough where cod is often caught fresh from the sea and cooked the same day.
Traditionally the fish (usually cod, haddock or flounder) and chips were wrapped up in newspaper to be carried away and eaten at home or in the park. Nowadays, due to hygiene and possible problems from the newspaper ink - they are wrapped in plain white paper. The shop where fish and chips can be purchased is colloquially known as the chippy or the chipper, depending on the region.
So, before you turn your nose up at them, why not try eating some real fish and chips by the sea in England. It's quite an experience!

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